Payroll with YourSource is simple. It begins with our flexible reporting options that allow you to input the hours, commissions, and bonuses of your employees. You can report that information via e-mail, web interface, or time & attendance biometrics (e.g. fingerprint reader software).

Once YourSource has received the information, all facets of payroll are administered by our team of professionals. The result? Integrated features to ensure your #1 asset, your employees, are compensated accurately and timely.


  • Production of payroll checks
  • Pay rate and hours clearly displayed
  • Clear descriptions of earnings and deductions
  • Current and year-to-date tax information
  • Custom messages that can be printed on the checks
  • Direct Deposit
  • Thermal-sensitive security checks to curb fraud
  • Tracking vacation and sick time
  • Accumulating amounts for retirement plans
  • Processing management reports
  • Accurate calculation and payment of garnishments
  • Electronic filing of quarterly and annual payroll taxes (EFTPS)
  • Generation, filing, and mailing of W-2s and W-3s
  • Overnight delivery of checks
  • Quarterly filing of 941 forms
  • Annual filing of 940 forms
  • Filing state unemployment tax returns
  • Depositing other state and local tax obligations
  • Proper file maintenance

Payroll tax calculations, reporting and filing can consume more than half of payroll processing time. YourSource removes the entire workload and provides easy-to-read statements detailing employee wages. For the many payroll tax deposits and returns required each pay period, YourSource also keeps track of the deadlines and eliminates concerns about penalties for filing and deposit of payroll taxes.