Our integrated HRIS system is a web based solution that becomes a central hub for information required to track and analyze data pertaining to your current or former employees. Employees themselves can access current and historical pay information, deductions, as well as view and print copies of their checks and W-2’s. Your organization is able to access the information needed to legally, ethically, and effectively support your needs.

With its open access our system can integrate directly with your current systems. Whether it is a time and attendance system, or a direct download to your QuickBooks, you are able to streamline your business processes through the integration with our HRIS system.

HR Features and Functionality

  • All of the employee’s personnel information including compensation and payroll tax status is found in one file record
  • Global employee lookup locates an employee (or employees) across all clients or just one client
  • Global Employee Lookup can be used with either partial or full last name, birth date and client
  • Changes made to the employee file (as with any file) will automatically be updated with the changed data in any other record. There is never any duplication of data.
  • Seamless integration of employee data with the Payroll module
  • Date sensitive pay rates, job history, status history
  • Pay, job, status and type changes captured for historical data
  • Employee-specific memo entry and tracking
  • Reports may be produced for user-selected groups of employees
  • Point-in-time reporting
  • Affirmative action, compensation, and general employee information reports
  • New Hire download processing

Training and Development

  • Employee skills and education information maintained

Health and Safety

  • Employee health information including physical, audio and drug testing may be recorded
  • Tracks disability, OSHA and workers compensation cases
  • HAZMAT data maintained